Inspection Services

Our inspection services offer ideal solutions for companies in various sizes. As a well-established inspection company that is in business nationally, we provide top-quality inspections services to our customers with our expert and experienced staff. The dynamic and experienced consultant staff within our company inspects the financial statements, statutory records, and documents of our customers we provide services for in a detailed manner. By this means, the aim is an early detection of the faulty practices while fulfilling the legal legislation regarding the establishment we inspect, and to prevent the damages with a potential risk for occurring.


Independent Inspection Services


  • KGK Inspection of Year-end Financial Statements, Special Purpose Inspections, Internal Control System Inspection
  • Independent Inspection Practices that are in Compliance with Turkish Commercial Code, TTK, and International Financial Reporting Standards (IAS/IFRS)
  • Adaptation of the Year-end and Interim Financial Statements Prepared According to Turkish Legislation to the IAS/IFRS rules
  • Internal Control System and Risk Inspection
  • Special Purpose Inspection and Reporting practices
  • Establishment or improvement of the Intercorporate Reporting System